Stone Age Game and Expansion

Representing tribes attempting to make a living at the dawn of civilization, you and the other players compete to develop your culture and make life just a little bit easier. Use all your ingenuity to build a better life for your people.  


Stone Age is a worker placement game in which players get a glimpse into this ardous period of history. Beginning with archaic tools, they gather wood, stone, and gold to attain higher levels of knowledge and build sturdier roofs over their heads. With simple, accessible rules that allow for a high amount of strategy, Stone Age appeals to both casual and hardcore players alike. 

My First Stone Age

Return to the dawn of civilization in this version of Stone Age designed for younger gamers. With My First Stone Age, The whole family can experience life through the eyes of Stone Age children Jono and Jada and their friend Martin the mammoth. Retaining the core gameplay of Stone Age while streamlining the rules for a quicker play time,  My First Stone Age engages the imagination and takes you on a journey back in time.