22 March 2023 Planet B

Announcing: Planet B

Can you gather (or buy) enough votes to become the president of Planet B?

At some point in the not too distant future, humanity needed to look for a new place to live - one we lovingly called Planet B. This was to be our second chance. Naturally, we resolved to do everything right this time and as everyone knows, humans are great at learning from their mistakes...


In Planet B, you play as a corrupt governor. Make shady deals with conglomerates, build your city, rise up in a political party, or control the headlines. Of course, everything has its price. By the time you‘re competing to become President, you‘ll want to make sure the voters are on your side, one way or another.

Planet B is a twist on humor combined with mechanics that feel both familiar and fresh. There are aspects of worker placement, construction of buildings, gathering resources, triggering events and many more. By using a combination of them work your way up in power and collect as much money as you can. Use your money to make political and economic gains or horde it away to be used as victory points later. All of the gameplay actions intertwine leading to a variety of paths to victory.

If you are looking for an intricate game for 2-4 players with humor and a Sci-Fi theme. Then this is perfect for you, you can pre-order here.


But of course, in the end, only one thing matters: who‘s managed to line their own pockets the best?


Available March 31, 2023

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