Investigate Lady Whistledown

Love Letter: Bridgerton is the latest Love Letter System game. Players will launch investigations trying to figure out Lady Whistledown's identity whilst encountering beloved characters from the Bridgerton series. Love Letter: Bridgerton retains the simple and enjoyable mechanics of the original, with an added royal twist. Queen Charlotte is a special character included in this version with a unique power not available in the classic, her power can let you eliminate multiple players in a single turn!

Easy to learn and fun to play!

Love Letter: Bridgerton is played over several rounds as you inquire into each player. On your turn, draw one card from the deck, the cards in your hand represent who you are investigating. Then, choose and play one of your two cards, resolving its effect. You are rewarded with diamond tokens when you find evidence on Lady Whistledown’s identity, which you do by either having the highest-value card at the end of a round or being the only player left in a round. You win when you hit the goal amount of tokens, the goal changes depending on how many are playing. Love Letter: Bridgerton play 2 to 6 people.