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Brand : Z-Man Games
Published by : Z-Man Games
Nb of players : 3 to 6
Game time : 45 min.
Age group : 14 years and +

Black Spy

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Z-Man Game is launching a new collection of deluxe card games. With monochrome boxes brought to life with an accent of metallic ink, this collection has a unique look and luxurious feel to it. This original new look was created by our designers and is completed by six coasters depicting images from the game, included in the box. It is an interesting touch that will enhance your game nights.

Black Spy, the first game in this collection, is an adaptation of the classic game of Hearts. Enter a Film Noir environment and try to manage a team of spies. Hire the best spies for the job, but beware of double agents: the black spies. They are very versatile, but unless you have them all on your side, they will only cause you problems. Keeping your hands clean won’t be easy. Between strategy, bluff and deduction, who will use the black spies to their advantage?




  • 1 deck of 60 cards

  • 1 scorepad

  • 1 Rulebook


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