Pandemic Survival 2020: Reign of Cthulhu

Can you save humanity from the ancient Evil that threatens to awaken and destroy the world?


Pandemic Survival is back with a horrifying twist! For the 2020 season, take on the roles of investigators trying to stop the cataclysmic awakening of the Old Ones. Players will compete to seal all four gates—or be the last to succumb to chaos—in the unique tournament format featuring Reign of Cthulhu.


As in previous years, the tournament season will move through Regionals and Nationals, culminating in the World Championship event. For more general information about Pandemic Survival, visit the main program page.




Prizes await players at every level. These awesome Reign of Cthulhu-themed prizes will only be available through official tournament kits, so make sure to join us at a Pandemic Survival event in 2020!



All players will take home a special set of metallic purple cultist and shoggoth minis to use in their copy of Reign of Cthulhu. Regional Champions will also win a spot at the National Championship in their country.


All players will take home a special set of metallic blue investigator minis to use in their copy of Reign of Cthulhu. National Champions will also win a spot at the World Championship.



All players will take home a participation prize and the World Champions will win a grand prize, both to be announced at a later date.



How to Participate


To find an official Regional qualifying event:

  • Ask your local game store or convention if they are hosting a Pandemic Survival event.
  • Check the calendar on our page.
  • Check the events calendar on the and Facebook pages.

To compete in a Regional event:

  • Register in teams of exactly 2 players. You will work together—but against other teams—to win the game or outlast the competition.
  • Each team must bring 1 copy of 
  • Refer to the Pandemic Survival Player Guide for more information.


To host an official Regional qualifying event:

  • U.S. Only: Indicate your interest by filling out the form below. Your Pandemic Survival contact will follow up to confirm and help you purchase kits.
  • Outside the U.S.: Reach out to the contact in your region. Refer to the table below.
    If your region is not listed and you have questions about your territory, please contact [email protected].


Region Contact
Canada [email protected]
France [email protected]
Germany [email protected]
Italy [email protected]
Netherlands [email protected]
Nordics [email protected]
Spain [email protected]
United Kingdom [email protected]











Note: Your event is not official until confirmed by your Pandemic Survival contact. There are a limited number of spaces for Regional events, and we will try to accommodate as many requests as possible to hold events in a variety of locations.




Official Tournament Guides

Reign of Cthulhu Tournament Rules