11 December 2017 Pandemic

Pandemic Survival World Champions Crowned in Amsterdam

French-Canadian team wins 2017 tournament 

From December 1 to 3, teams representing seventeen countries converged on the Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel in the Netherlands with one goal in mind: to become the 2017 Pandemic Survival World Champions. To do so, they all tackled the same Pandemic scenario, attempting to become the first team to discover all four cures or outlast the other teams and become the sole survivors.

Pandemic Survival World Champions Sébastien Roy and Sébastien MacKenzie Faucher 

These teams are the best Pandemic players in the world, able to stay one step ahead of both the diseases and each other. With just over a minute to complete each turn, they had to make split-second decisions that could bring them one step closer to saving the world or could put them on a path to ruin. In the end, the French Canadian team of Sébastien Roy and Sébastien MacKenzie Faucher emerged as the 2017 Pandemic Survival World Champions. They will be rewarded with a trip to the city of their choice on the Pandemic map.

A Tournament of Champions  

The Pandemic Survival World Championships was the culmination of events held across the world throughout 2017. The seventeen teams began at regional qualifiers, where they competed for spots in their National Championships. The few skilled enough to win those competitions moved on to the World Championships. Each team’s airfare and accommodations were fully covered as part of their prize and, once in Amsterdam, they were treated to authentic Dutch cuisine and experienced the city’s Festival of Lights aboard a canal cruise ship.

In addition to the competitive tournaments, Pandemic Survival unites the global Pandemic community with discovery events held across the globe throughout the season. These events introduce new players to this exciting way to play Pandemic and connect them with fellow players. Keep checking our website or the Pandemic Survival events page for events near you as the 2018 season gets underway. 

 Rise to the Challenge

Also on hand to mark the occasion were Pandemic: Rising Tide designers Matt Leacock and Jeroen Doumen. The next entry in the Survival series, Pandemic: Rising Tide plunges players into a high-stakes struggle against rising floodwaters in the Netherlands. To succeed, they must construct dikes to keep the water at bay, build ports to facilitate travel, and pump water out of flooded regions while attempting to complete four hydraulic structures.

Designers Jeroen Doumen and Matt Leacock stopped by the World Championships to celebrate the upcoming release of Pandemic: Rising Tide 

Each entry in the Survival series is tied to the location of the Pandemic Survival World Championships and this year was no exception. Pandemic: Rising Tide puts a unique spin on the classic Pandemic formula, adding new mechanics that reflect its Dutch setting. Today, we’re happy to announce that Pandemic: Rising Tide will be available for purchase on Thursday, December 21! Stay tuned to our website and social media accounts for more information on Pandemic: Rising Tide as we get closer to launch. 

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