12 December 2018 Oniverse

Announcing Aerion

Traverse the skies of the Oniverse

Order Aerion at your local retailer or online through our website today!

Flying at a steady pace, you carefully guide the airship toward your destination. The sun bounces off the sides of your ship as you dip lower and break through the cloud cover. Mountains, waves, and creatures of all shapes and sizes fill the landscape below you. You push forward, landing on the edge of one of the mountains. After checking that your airship has settled, you disembark, curious what the Archonts have summoned you for.

Aerion is a solo/cooperative game for one to two players. Your goal is to build six airships to create the most beautiful fleet in the Oniverse. By rolling dice and managing your resources, you must find the best blueprints, materials, and crew for each ship. Can you build the best fleet in time?

Pre-order your copy of Aerion  through our webstore or your local retailer today to sail through the skies of the Oniverse.

Fly to New Heights

As a well-known air-shipwright, a builder of flying machines, the Archonts have come to you with a weighty charge: to build a new fleet of ships to traverse the skies of the Oniverse. With limited resources, you face a great challenge to complete the order before your resources are exhausted.

The Archonts want a full fleet of six airships. You have the skills to build what they demand, but you must weigh your options carefully to get the components you need. Each ship requires a sound blueprint, the correct materials, and a trusty crew.

During three phases of gameplay you’ll roll your six dice, acquiring resources based on the combination of results you roll. If a roll doesn’t allow you to acquire a resource, you can discard a card to reroll the dice. But be careful not to discard too many! If all six resource decks are empty, you’ll lose the game. If you can carefully manage your resources and complete six airships, you win.

Conquer New Challenges

After you’ve completed the main task from the Archonts, you can take on new challenges. Aerion includes six expansions to alter your journey through the skies and offer new tasks to complete. Each expansion adds new cards and gameplay that can be played independently or freely combined.

Use new abilities from the Factory cards to complete your most critical task in the Flagship expansion. Race against time with the Hourglasses. Demolish the Stone Clouds for a clear path through the skies. Or destroy Outposts and Lairs to defeat the marauding Hellkite. With six different expansions, Aerion can be replayed many times solo or with a friend!

Aerion will be $24.99 and release in spring 2019. Prepare your fleet and pre-order your copy today! Check out the other titles in the Oniverse for even more solo/cooperative gameplay.

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