14 December 2018 GIFT GUIDE

2018 Holiday Stocking Stuffer Guide

Small, affordable gifts for the gamers in your life

Christmas is right around the corner! The tree is up, the lights are bright, and stockings are hung over the fire with care. We have the perfect gifts to fill those empty stockings. Mini expansions add extra content to the games you already know and love. Or grab some of our small, portable games like Mesozooic. All the titles in our gift guide below are $20 or less so you can stock up and spread the gaming cheer to all the gamers in your life. Happy Holidays!

Mini Expansions

With some extra tokena and extra cards, mini expansions are a great way to add changes to a game you already love. Perfect for stocking stuffers, check out the mini expansions we have available!

A Feast for Odin: Mini Expansion #1

Continue the viking tradition with the first mini-expansion for A Feast for Odin. Featuring two new exploration boards, this mini expansion adds more options than ever before. For just $6.99, continue the epic saga!

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Beyond Baker Street Mini Expansion

Explore the streets and hunt down clues, racing to solve the case before the famed Sherlock Holmes. Step into the shoes of Sherlock’s trusted friend, Dr. John Watson or his mysterious brother, Mycroft, with two new character cards. For just $1.99, can you crack the case?

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Carcassonne: The Festival

Join the merriment of the festival in this mini expansion to Carcassonne celebrating the 10th anniversary! Add these special new tiles for just $6.99.

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Carcassonne: The School

It's time for school in Carcassonne! In this mini expansion, it's your job to round up all the students by completing the roads leading to the school. Grab the mini expansion for just $4.99. 

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Mesozooic: Triassic Mini Expansion

Thrill your guests with new advanced features: the café, conservatory, and groundskeeper. Then play with the gargantuan Megazooic, a rules variant for playing with up to 12 players! Grab the Triassic Mini Expansion for just $6.99. 

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Onirim Mini Expansion 1: Sphinx, the Diver, and the Confusion

Even more fantastic dreams await you in the Sphinx, the Diver, and the Confusion promo pack for Onirim. This pack adds three new types of dream cards and additional nightmares to the game, adding even more variety to the labyrinth of dreams. Face new challenges for just $6.99. 

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Onirim Mini Expansion 2: The Mirrors

Deep in the labyrinth, mirrors reflect what can be found both in front and behind them. Only those that plumb their depth know of the riches that lie within. Explore the Sun and Moon Mirrors for $6.99.

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Sylvion Mini Expansion

In Sylvion: Below Ground, the terrain itself joins the fight. This mini expansion includes sixteen Terrain cards that occupy the spaces of the battlefield, creating new obstacles and openings in your struggle against the Ravage. Grab these cards for just $6.99.

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Terra Mystica Mini Expansion

Add more variety to your games of Terra Mystica than ever before! This mini expansion includes four new Town Tiles, a new Scoring Tile, and a new Bonus Card, creating new goals for only $6.99. 

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Small Games

These portable games are perfect to slip in a bag for on-the-go gaming! 

Archaeology: The New Expedition

Explore the Egyptian desert in search of fame, glory, and—most importantly—money in this thrilling card game, available for just $19.99.

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Take a safari across five exciting mini-games and watch as the animals learn to coexist together. At just $12.99, Junggle is a perfect gift for family game night with the kids.

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Lords of Scotland

Muster followers and garner support to take the throne in this exciting card game of warring Scottish clans, available for just $19.99.

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The age of the dinosaurs is back—this time safely behind glass! Build the best dino zoo and impress your guests in a frantic, real-time puzzle game, available for $19.99.

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Accompany the parade through Wonderland and see how many other people you can get to join the fun in this $19.99 card game!

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Deep in the forest, in the dark of night, hungry creatures emerge in search of your juicy fireflies. Gather the cutest collection of creatures, but beware their devious ways! Grab Smile for just $19.99.

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In SpyNet, you are spymasters. Your objective: recruit agents from different branches of espionage to complete vital missions and dominate the world of undercover intelligence. SpyNet is available for $19.99.

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