31 August 2018 Condottiere

Condottiere FAQ

Answering your questions about the new edition

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We recently announced that Condottiere is joining the Z-Man catalog and we couldn’t be more excited to have it. You can read the full announcement about the game here. Some of you are familiar with this game and have been asking questions about the changes with pieces, the rules, and more. Read on for our answers to those questions!

Q: You mentioned that the new board was larger; how big is it?
A: It's just a little larger. The previous edition's board was 7" x 10", and the new board comes in at a slightly larger 8.25" x 11.25". Basically, we improved the board's size and functionality for higher player counts, including the dedicated season space to place the active Spring or Winter card, without overly expanding the game's compact footprint.

Q: Some of the previous edition boards had trouble lying flat, causing pieces to tumble off. Is that still an issue?
A: With a board this size, keeping the number of folds down to a minimum is key to it staying flat when unfolded. By going down to a single fold, the new board is much more likely to remain flat (check out our production sample below).

Q: I liked that the old edition was small enough to travel with it. How big is the new box?
A: We're pleased that this new version maintains the game's excellent portability. The new Condottiere comes in the standard Z-Man box used on favorites like Beyond Baker Street, Dragon Farkle, and Blueprints. Though it's a little larger than the previous box, it is still small enough to easily slip in a bag to bring on your travels.

Q: What size are the cards?
A: The cards are poker size. We recommend using FFS05 sleeves.

Q: Are the pieces plastic or wood?
A: The pieces are custom wood designed specifically for this new edition of the game.


Q: Is this version more colorblind friendly?
A: Yes! We carefully chose a color palette for the player cubes that would make it easier for colorblind players to tell which territories belong to whom.


Q: Is that the same artist as the previous edition?
A: Yes! Tomasz Jedruszek was thrilled to return to the game and update the art. Keep an eye out for a future article interviewing him about the art process that went into this new edition.

Q: What’s new or different in this edition?
A: There are rules (and of course components) to accommodate both major rulesets of the game, allowing players to freely choose whichever ruleset they prefer. In addition, a new 2-player variant is included, which we'll discuss more in a future article.

Q: The game is pretty simple, but it could be challenging for new players to remember the many card effects. Is that still the case?
A: We specifically added intuitive icons along the bottom of the cards to remind players what the card's effect is, which greatly improved new players' experience in playtesting.

Q: When can I buy it?
A: Condottiere is slated for an October release. It’s available for pre-order now if you want to guarantee yourself a copy, and we’ll be posting on our social media accounts when it’s on sale in stores.

Prepare for the battle ahead and pre-order your copy of Condottiere today!

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