21 September 2018 Party Bugs

Announcing Party Bugs

A costumed disco dance party out of control

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The light hits the disco ball, scattering and reflecting all around the walls as the ball spins above the dance floor. The music thumps through the speakers as guests enter the party. A mermaid chats with a vampire while a superhero and princess get their groove on in the center of the dance floor. The spotlights rotate around the room, lighting up an antenna here, a few pairs of legs there, revealing these late night party animals are actually party bugs!

Party Bugs is a light, quick card game great for family game night. Get ready for the disco party by pre-ordering your copy through our website or your local retailers.

Time to Hit the Dance Floor

When the lights go out, the party begins! The disco ball has been set up, the lights have been turned on, and the guests are gathering on the dance floor for a costumed dance party. These guests aren’t exactly welcome in your house though. Costumed cockroaches are swarming the dance floor!

In Party Bugs, players will attempt to control the wild cockroach party, sending the biggest pests to their opponents. If you can keep your party under control with smaller, less disruptive bugs you’ll win.

Going to a costume dance party of course requires a costume! Costume stores for cockroaches have limited options and these party bugs grabbed the thirteen most popular for the party. Showing up to a party in the same costume is frowned upon though. If a cockroach shows up with the same costume as another, both bugs will leave the party and go home in embarrassment.

Excited cockroaches will continue to join the dance floor. Play your cards cleverly to get the lowest-value bugs. Each round players will take turns playing a card facedown in front of them. Once the card is flipped and reveals the new bug joining the dance floor, the player with the lowest-value card will take a bug already dancing around the disco ball. Once everyone has taken a card and no more bugs are on the dance floor, the new bugs will take their place and start grooving to the music. Players will have thirteen rounds to try and push the biggest, most annoying bugs over to their neighbors while taking the smaller, less disruptive bugs for themselves.

Party Bugs will be $14.99 and is planned for a late 2018 release. Get ready for the craziest disco cockroaches and pre-order your copy today!

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