18 October 2019

What to Expect at SPIEL 2019

What's on at the world's largest game fair

Can you believe it's already time for Essen Spiel 2019? This year has been full of great games from designers and publishers across the industry, and no doubt there will be even more to see at the largest tabletop gaming convention in the world! Hundreds of thousands of board game lovers (ourselves included) will be there demoing new games, scoring that exclusive early release, and visiting with friends. Stop by booth 1F103 to say hello, demo some of the games we’ve released in 2019, and catch a sneak peek at what’s coming next!

Demo New Releases

2019 has been a great year for new releases. We've got a handful for you to demo at the booth (listed below) and an expanded selection for sale.

Pandemic: Rapid Response

Natural disasters have struck cities across the globe! Recognizing the overwhelming threat, the nations of the world have taken action and assembled the Crisis Response Unit: an elite team of doctors and specialists. With a specially equipped plane, you are uniquely capable of providing life-saving aid—anytime, anywhere.

Pandemic: Rapid Response is a race against time. Roll dice to create supplies, fly the plane, and make deliveries to cities in need. As the timer counts down, you must work together to react to new disasters. Will you and your team be able to respond in time?

MSRP for Pandemic: Rapid Response is $39.99.


In the remote depths of the jungle lie the Cerulean Pools. For most of the year, the pools are tranquil and unassuming. But on the warmest nights of the year, the otherwise quiet waters are filled with shimmering lights as the dormant noctiluca awaken. As the most skilled divers in the land, you and your friends seek to retrieve these glowing creatures from the pools.

A beautiful and engaging abstract game designed by Shem Phillips, Noctiluca features 104 colorful dice for you to collect as you dive into the Cerulean Pools. Think carefully, choose your path through the water, and catch the noctiluca you need to complete jars and deliver them safely to healers.

MSRP for Noctiluca is $34.99.

Love Letter

The Princess is looking for an ideal partner and confidant to help with her royal duties when she one day assumes the throne. You must prove your worth and compete to deliver your letter of intent by enlisting allies, friends, and family of the Princess in this quick card game of risk and deduction. Can you earn the trust of the noble Princess?

This new edition of Love Letter features brand-new art and two new characters, allowing you to play up to 6 players!

MSRP for Love Letter is $11.99.


Digital Games

In addition to the tabletop games you can play at the booth, our latest digital releases from Asmodee Digital will be there to demo! Check out the classic tile-laying game Carcassonne for the Nintendo Switch, or save humanity from four deadly diseases in Pandemic on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.


Can’t make it to the show? Our friends David, Abi, Antonia, Philip, and Chris at Asmodee Live will be streaming all weekend long! Tune in live or watch the footage later at twitch.tv/asmodeelive.

They'll be covering a handful of our games, including Miaui, our second Choose Your Own Adventure game, Noctiluca, Mesozooic, and Hadara. Plus, don't miss Pandemic: Rapid Response with special guest Matt Leacock and Love Letter with special guest Seiji Kanai. Check the schedule below and tune in with Z-Man Games!

Are you ready for four straight days of gaming? See you at booth 1F103 for a demo!