4 May 2019 Pandemic

Announcing the 2019 Season of Pandemic Survival

Compete to become the best disease-fighting team in the world!

Humanity is at risk once again, and it is up to you to find the cure. Do you have what it takes to save the world?

We're excited to announce that the 2019 season of Pandemic Survival is now underway! Come join us in our fifth year of Survival tournaments and experience this unique way to play Pandemic hosted at various stores and conventions around the globe. As events are confirmed, we'll add them to the calendar on our events page. You can see the current list of events on our event calendar.

What is Pandemic Survival?

Pandemic Survival is the tournament format of Pandemic that has teams of two competing simultaneously with the same objective in mind: race to be the first team to find all four cures, or survive long enough to be the last team standing at the end of the game!

Everyone's setup is the same: roles, starting infected cities, and a pre-stacked Player deck—complete with a few handpicked events and six (6!) Epidemic cards. However, based on the choices they make, each team's individual game will play out completely different from any other team. Turns also have a time limit, which means you must act quickly and efficiently to discover the winning strategy!

One more critical element is the same for everyone—a single Infection deck. The Game Master at the event will be drawing infection cards for the entire group, ensuring that all teams are facing the same disease threats at the same time.

During a Pandemic Survival event, a single Infection deck controlled by the Game Master determines how the diseases spread across every team's board.

Did Somebody Say Prizes?

Many lucrative prizes await competitors at all levels, culminating at the World Championships where the winning team wins a trip to any city on the Pandemic board!

Your road to victory begins at the Regional events, where you can punch your ticket to your National Final. There, you'll compete for the right to represent your nation at the Pandemic Survival World Championship.

Any Changes for This Year?

For those familiar with Survival, this year we are making a few quality-of-life improvements:

  1. Players are required to bring their own copy of the base game to compete. Just put that well-worn copy you've been practicing with into a tote bag and head to your local retailer or convention hosting an event.
  2. POD Player and Infection decks make event prep simple for the organizer. All the player cards are already stacked in the correct order for the scenario, and the simple instructions needed to prep the Infection deck are included making for "ease of assembly." No more late nights before a Survival event hand-collating every single deck!

The above list is just a summary, so for complete details on competing check the Pandemic Survival Player Guide here.

How Can I Play?

You've saved the world in Pandemic countless times, but now's your chance to join the community for the 2019 season of Pandemic Survival! Make sure to follow the Pandemic Facebook page for photos, events, and more.

If you're a player and want to participate, here's how:

  • Check the events calendar here on the Z-Man website.
  • Contact your local retailer to express interest in participating in a Regional event.
  • Check your local conventions to see if they're hosting a Regional event.

If you're a retailer or event organizer and want to host an officailly sanctioned Survival event, here's how:

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