Save the Lacoonian System

Follow the Evil Power Master around the galaxy

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The Rapid Force Crew returns to the ship, smelling slightly fishy after exploring Pwasonn Island for clues. Commander Chen inputs the data you found and boosts the signal on the tracker. You’re so close to catching the Evil Power Master you can almost taste it! Or was that just the last bit of bagel from breakfast sticking around? Oh well, next stop the planet Kronur!

The galaxy needs your help in the next entry in the Choose Your Own Adventure game series: War with the Evil Power Master! Lead the Rapid Force Crew around the galaxy, chase down clues to the Evil Power Master’s whereabouts, and boost your signal tracker. Discover his location before he realizes his evil scheme and stop him in an epic final showdown! Pre-order your copy through our webstore or your local retailer today.

To stop the Evil Power Master, you’ll need all the help you can get. We’ll have a special promo kit with extra items for the game available at Gen Con, so make sure to stop by booth 1629 and grab one while supplies last.

Travel Around the Galaxy

Using your galactic map, you must lead the Rapid Force Crew to the depths of the galaxy if you’re going to save it! There are 9 locations in the Lacoonian System and the Evil Power Master could be lurking on any of them. Maybe he’s hiding in the cloudy rings of Kronur or the twisting asteroids of Arouth.

As you explore new planets you’ll be faced with tough choices. The Evil Power Master is an excellent minion organizer and will throw many challenges your way as you try to stop him. Utilizing the strengths of each crew member and their unique equipment will help you conquer whatever the Evil Power Master throws at you!

Track Down the Evil Power Master

As you race around the galaxy tracking the Evil Power Master, the tracks along the edges of your galactic map will change.

The green Signal Tracker represents the level of your radio receiver, which rises throughout the game as you succeed in challenges and find more data. If the Signal Tracker reaches 25, you discover the Evil Power Master’s location and will have an epic final showdown to stop him once and for all!

The red EPM Meter represents the passing of time and the evil doings of the Evil Power Master. The Meter will rise as you lose challenges and when you travel between planets. If the EPM Meter reaches 25 then the Evil Power Master wins and chaos will rule the Lacoonian system.

Here the Rapid Force Crew was able to successfully find the last known location of the Evil Power Master on the planet Lacoos. The Signal Booster Disc is flipped to reveal a 6, which moves the marker 6 spaces up on the green Signal Tracker. One step closer to finding the location of the Evil Power Master.

Will you be able to find the Evil Power Master and stop his dastardly deeds? Choose Your Own Adventure: War with the Evil Power Master will be $24.99 and available on July 19th! We'll also have copies of the game available at Gen Con so make sure to swing by and grab one.