31 July 2019 Mesozooic

Announcing the Jurassic Mini Expansion for Mesozooic

Work together to create the best zoos

Order the Jurassic Mini Expansion online through our website today!

Guests have been pouring in to see towering dinosaur enclosures, prehistoric attractions, and more at your zoo. Now you can enjoy a brand new way to play Mesozooic with the Jurassic Mini Expansion. Corporate has stepped in with instructions for what they think is best for your zoo. As franchise owners of Mesozoo Inc., you’ll want to work together to take your zoo to the next level and fulfill Corporate’s mandates. Then make your zoo even more entertaining by hiring costume mascots!

The Jurassic Mini Expansion for Mesozooic is available now! Order your copy through our webstore or stop by booth 1729 at Gen Con to purchase a copy. Then make sure to grab the Triassic Mini Expansion and download the extra variants we have on the website for even more dinosaur zoo gameplay!

Corporate Mandates

In the Jurassic Mini Expansion you can play a competitive or cooperative variant to keep Corporate happy. When playing cooperatively, you’ll shuffle the 16 mandate cards with the cooperative icon in the bottom-left corner to create the mandate deck from Corporate. Corporate may ask you to make sure your zoo contains at least 3 continuous monorail connections, or have at least 1 enclosure, 1 monorail connection, and 1 scoring attraction, for example.

You’ll play three rounds of Mesozooic like normal, but your goal each round is to work together and collectively meet or exceed the score shown on the level card. As long as at least one player meets the requirements for the mandate, the card will be discarded. For each incomplete mandate, 10 points will be subtracted from the round’s score. If the final total is lower than the value on the level you chose, players will immediately lose. So make sure to divide and conquer as you work together to keep Corporate happy!

In the competitive variant, three mandates will be available each round to all players. Each player will score 3 extra points for each mandate they complete.


With lots of families visiting your zoo, sometimes the kids need a little extra entertainment. Hiring costumed mascots to entertain your visitors will net you extra points for you, but you need to be fast. Your competitors also want to hire mascots.

In the Jurassic Mini Expansion there are 8 mascot cards. There are mascots for the enclosures, attractions and trucks, monorails, topiaries, and advanced cards.

At the start of each round, shuffle the mascot cards facedown. Then take mascots equal to the number of players and place them faceup in the middle of the table. Flip the timer and begin sliding cards like normal to create your zoo. At any time after the timer is flipped, when you don’t want to slide any more cards, you can take one available mascot. You can only take one mascot per round and once you hire a mascot you can’t slide any more cards. So choose carefully!

Mascots are placed at the intersection of four cards in your zoo. For each card the mascot overlaps that shows the matching feature, score 1 point. In the example below, the monorail mascot was hired for this zoo and scores 3 points.


The Mesozooic: Jurassic Mini Expansion is available now through our webstore for just $6.99. We'll have copies at Gen Con too so make sure to stop by and grab one!

With the Triassic Mini Expansion, Jurassic Mini Expansion, and our page of freebie variant downloads including solo rules and a 2-player variant, you’ll find a ton of extra gameplay. Will you be able to create the best dinosaur zoo?