13 December 2020 Pandemic

Holiday Gift Guide: Co-op Games

Work together to win these cooperative games

Sometimes game night can take a turn and get too competitive. For those nights where you want a gaming challenge that will bring everyone together, try some co-op games instead! With these games you'll have to work together to win together.


Return to the stone age in a new cooperative adventure! Paleo is a survival strategy game for 2–4 players. Take on the roles of a prehistoric people filled with fierce warriors, clever inventors, and watchful scouts. Only by working together can you survive to explore the surroundings and undertake the ultimate paleolithic quest: completing a cave painting.

Try the game on Tabletopia here: https://tabletopia.com/games/paleo then grab your copy for the holidays!

Paleo, $59.99 (USD)

Beyond Baker Street

Beyond Baker Street is a cooperative game where players collaborate to solve a case before the great Sherlock Holmes does. Over the course of the game, you must discover the Suspect, then determine their Motive and Opportunity before they slip from your grasp… and into that of Holmes himself!

Beyond Baker Street, $29.99 (USD)


Work together to build a peaceful stone garden with everything in its proper place in as few moves as possible in this quick, and small cooperative card game. In Narabi, numbered stone cards will be randomly sleeved together with restriction cards that control how a stone moves. Players must exchange stones, working toward the correct arrangement one move at a time while still following the rules on each stone. With over 200 card combinations as well as optional rules, each game of Narabi presents new challenges to work together and achieve serenity.

Narabi, $14.99 (USD)

Choose Your Own Adventure

The classic Choose Your Own Adventure series comes to life in two narrative adventure games. Just like the classic books you'll need to make risky choices to get to the end of each adventure!

House of Danger, $24.99 (USD)

Discover a thrilling adventure investigating criminal activity and a dark history in your town. Haunted by the mystery of the missing owner of the Marsden mansion, you decide to take the case on yourself. With your psychic senses and skills as a detective, you're confident you can solve it.

Explore the mansion and unravel its secrets. Cross paths with ghostly figures, navigate a secret lab, and conquer challenges. Think carefully as you choose which paths to investigate. What will YOU choose?

War With the Evil Power Master, $24.99 (USD)

For centuries, the Lacoonian System, an alliance of the most advanced civilizations in the galaxy, has lived in peace. But now the Evil Power Master has returned and is leading a destructive rebellion. It’s up to you to lead the Rapid Force Crew around the galaxy, using their unique skills to conquer challenges and find data to chase down the Evil Power Master and stop him from enacting his sinister plan!


With the cooperative gameplay and exciting new challenges every time, Pandemic and the other games in the Pandemic family are the perfect puzzle to solve together. You and your team will have to use your unique character abilities to work together and stop the increasing threat in each game.

Whether you're looking for a quick game with Pandemic: Hot Zone - North America, an immersive narrative campaign with Pandemic Legacy, or a fantastical theme with the Pandemic System games, there's a game for everyone. 

If you're looking to play digitally make sure to try Pandemic: Hot Zone - North America and a demo version of Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 now on Tabletop Simulator and Tabletopia!

Pandemic, $44.99 (USD)

Pandemic: On the Brink, $34.99 (USD)

Pandemic: Hot Zone - North America, $19.99 (USD)

Pandemic Legacy: Season 0, $79.99 (USD)

Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, $79.99 (USD)

Pandemic Legacy: Season 2, $79.99 (USD)

Pandemic: Rapid Response, $39.99 (USD)

Pandemic: Fall of Rome, $49.99 (USD)

Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu, $49.99 (USD)