21 April 2020 Lords of Vegas

Lords of Vegas Gets New Upgrade from Lone Shark Games

Lone Shark Games Launches 10th Anniversary Lords of Vegas Kickstarter Campaign

Back in 2018, Z-Man Games became the publishing stewards of Lords of Vegas, a clever casino-building strategy game designed by James Ernest and Mike Selinker of Lone Shark Games. We’ve been proud to have supported the base game and the Up! Expansion since then, and today, we’re excited to announce the next step in the journey for Lords of Vegas. We’re passing the baton back to Lone Shark Games as they launch a 10th Anniversary Kickstarter campaign for a new expansion and deluxe upgrade kit!

Launching today, the campaign will include the new Underworld Expansion, a new board and cards that introduce mobsters, upgrades, and events to the game. Steve Fastner and Rich Larson, who created the box art for the base game, return to provide their skills for the Underworld Expansion cover. Franz Vohwinkel, the crafter of the board for the base game, brings a new board of Downtown Vegas for this new expansion. Nate Taylor provides the art for the Underworld cards.

Lone Shark is also launching the Boss Bundle, a set of deluxe upgrades for the game. There will be a new mobster case for the game, custom poker chips, and a whole lot more. Lone Shark is also releasing a 15th Anniversary edition of the book Dealer’s Choice: The Complete Handbook of Saturday Night Poker with the campaign.

With changes at both studios over the past few years—Z-Man adjusting its publishing strategy and Lone Shark doing more direct publishing—we both agreed the best way to bring more Lords of Vegas into the world would be for the Lone Shark team to carry the game into its next phase.

“When I first met Mike several years ago now, my team was excited to finally produce the long-awaited Lords of Vegas expansion: Underworld,” says Steve Kimball, Head of Studio at Z-Man Games. “We kept in touch regularly, and at Gen Con 2019 I laid out Z-Man’s publishing lineup. With our existing obligations, it was difficult to find a place for Underworld in the release schedule. At that point, I asked Mike if Lone Shark was interested in assuming control over Lords of Vegas so his team could directly turn Underworld into a reality, and the timing worked out for everyone.”

“Z-Man Games and Asmodee North America have been excellent caretakers of the Lords of Vegas line, and we've been thrilled to work with them over the last few years,” says Mike Selinker, Chief Creative Officer at Lone Shark. “Now that it's back in our workshop, we are excited to get the games to Lone Shark's fans and produce the expansion Underworld. We have lots of good stuff ahead for the Lords of Vegas fans.”

We’re excited to see what Lone Shark has in store for Lords of Vegas and their other great games! Check out the Lords of Vegas 10th Anniversary: Underworld and Boss Bundle Kickstarter campaign, launching today.