25 February 2021 Paleo

Gather Your Tribe

Work together to survive the wilderness

A whole world of new discoveries awaits out in the wilderness. The lush forest, the flowing rivers, and the towering mountains hide many mysteries you can't wait to explore, but you know you won't be able to survive with your skills alone. You'll need the help of other members of your tribe in order to succeed.

A new day dawns in the Stone Age in Paleo. Your tribe fights for survival while steadily developing new advancements that lay the foundations of the human experience. But dangers abound: animals, storms, and hostile tribes await you. Can you work together to survive and complete a cave painting that will last for generations after you?

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A Unique Set of Abilities

Paleo is a cooperative strategy game where 2–4 players will form a tribe of people working together to explore their surroundings; encountering trials, adventures, and opportunities in the wilderness. The game is played in a series of day and night phases, continuing until you reach one of two ends: either you gather five victory tokens and complete your masterpiece to win, or you suffer five skull tokens and immediately lose.

In order to win the game and create that cave painting that will leave your mark on history, you'll need to carefully utilize the various skillsets of members of your tribe. Each player will start the game with two tribe members ready to help on their adventure. As you explore the wilderness, other tribe members could join. But be careful, as your tribe grows you'll have more mouths to feed!

Each tribe member card will have a few different symbols on it. Some people will give you a one time tool, shown on the bottom left of the card. When this person joins your group, you will gain the matching tool token. Tools like pelts, torches, and tents will help as you venture into the wilderness. Each card will also show the health of that tribe member along the right side of the card.

Besides, tools and strength, tribe members will have a variety of abilities. There are three different abilities that will help throughout the game: strength, awareness, and skill. Strength is represented by the spear icon, seen on the bottom left of the Hunter card, below. Awareness is represented by the eye icon, like the Gatherer above. Skill is represented by the crossed axe icon, such as the one shown on the Inventor card, below.

As you venture out into the wilderness, you'll come across many challenges to test your tribe's abilities. You may discover some thick trees that require a lot of skill to chop them down to gain wood resources. Perhaps you discover a deer by the riverside and you need awareness and strength to capture it and provide food for your tribe. Working together and combining your various abilities will be the key to success!

Will you survive the prehistoric wilderness long enough to write your legacy, or will your tribe fade into obscurity? Try the game on Tabletopia and order Paleo wherever board games are sold!

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