1 July 2021 Pandemic

Save Europe as a Team

4 unique characters, 4 special abilities

Along with a new map, Pandemic: Hot Zone - Europe switches out the four heroes from Hot Zone - North America with four different characters, each with a new and unique ability. These new cards and abilities will add another level to your team strategies as you work together to eradicate the viral threat to Europe.

Containment Specialist

Living up to their name, the Containment Specialist is there to help keep any of the three viruses in check. Whenever they enter a city that has two or more cubes, they remove one without having to use an action. This enables the player to help keep the disease cubes at bay without having to waste an action doing so. They could even use a card in their hand to fly to another infected city with two or more cubes, removing another in the same turn. As shown above, the Containment Specialist has the ability to move into Lisbao, forcing a cube to be removed. After that, they still have all of their actions, which allows them to move to another city that could use the same help. When the game starts to reach into the more dangerous infection stages, this ability may be the thing that helps keep the team afloat.


The Virologist has two special abilities, both of which assist in curing diseases, and keeping infections under control. Their first ability allows them to use two other cards in place of one required card for discovering a cure, allowing a more versatile approach to this important step. So, if you have three of the four needed cards for a cure, but are missing a fourth of the same color, but have a couple other cards in your hand, the cure is still yours.

Their second ability requires an action, but can still provide much needed support. They can remove a single cube that matches a color of any card in their hand. Depending on the cards you’re holding, this could prove particularly effective, especially in keeping outbreaks to a minimum, and this can be done from anywhere on the board. Is Budapest in danger of outbreaking during the next turn, but you're stuck in London? If you have a card matching Budapest's color in your hand, then you can save that city without having to travel there.

Quarantine Specialist

The Quarantine Specialist is all about defense against the spreading viruses. When they are on a city, no cubes can be placed on that city or any connected to it (unless during the initial setup, as well as during the “Infect” step of an Epidemic). Afraid Lisboa, Geneve, or Paris might outbreak next turn? Placing the Quaratine Specialist on a city connected to them all (Madrid) successfully keeps this from happening, saving several cities from an outbreak. If placed and maneuvered correctly, this character can stop an outbreak in its tracks, and even save the game under more harsh circumstances.


Sometimes, distance can be the one thing standing in your way to discovering a cure, saving a city, or falling to one of the viruses. This is where the Pilot shines.Using an action, they can fly to any city within two connections to the city they are currently on, speeding to where they are needed most. On top of that, they can take one other player with them, adding to the strategic value of the ability. This ability is particularly effective when combined with the Containment Specialist or the Quarantine Specialist.

If you are looking for even more ways to save the day, don't forget that you can mix and match with the characters from Pandemic: Hot Zone - North America, opening up many new strategies and playstyles.

Can your team utilize their special abilities and bring an end to the diseases threatening Europe? Find out by ordering Pandemic: Hot Zone - Europe wherever board games are sold.

If you already own Pandemic: Hot Zone - North America, you can experience a new challenge by combining it with Hot Zone - Europe using the Hemisphere rules.