Shifty Spies

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: be the player with the lowest score at the end of the game. To accomplish this mission, you’ll need to take the right tricks so that you enlist the aid of those spies that will keep your score low. Pass the right cards covertly at the start of each round and prepare yourself for a successful operation. But beware of the Black Spies—they'll turn against you if you give them the chance! Keeping your hands clean in this world of espionage and intrigue won’t be easy. Only the spymaster who outsmarts their opponents will emerge victorious.

Tricks of the Trade

Navigating the covert underworld is no easy task. Even after you’ve become skilled at getting the lowest score, there are still new tricks to learn and challenges to overcome. In addition to the standard game, inspired by the classic game of Hearts, Black Spy also has rules for several variants that add variety to each game. Even the playing field by sending moles to infiltrate your opponents’ hands, or nullify the value of all spies whose color is not black. Deploy your agents, adapt to each new situation, and become an ace spymaster!