Construct Your Castle

Your castle, the majestic Castellion, is the last line of defense against the dread Menace, an entity that wants nothing more than to ravage everything in its path. Before you face the Menace itself, you must prepare your shape-shifting fortress by positioning its chambers into the best defensive formation. In Castellion, one or two players collaborate to ward off the Menace—constructing stout bastions, erecting mighty towers, and preparing lines of defense. Place your tiles or discard them to activate their special power and reshape the castle as you see fit. The more formations you form, the stronger your defense will be. Yet that is not all; to achieve victory, you must also overcome three Ordeals. Traitors are everywhere and discovering each one brings you closer to your next Ordeal. Fortify your walls and prepare for the Menace!

Face the Menace

Building a shape-shifting castle is hard work. Castellion presents three successive levels of play, each adding new construction options, new Ordeals to overcome, and preparing you for the ultimate showdown with the Menace. Players progress through each to learn the basics of constructing your castle and unlocking the abilities of the four defender factions. Only after you master these skills will you be ready to face the Menace and its many avatars. Avatars each destroy a different part of the castle, but stout defenses can keep them at bay. Construct towers to see what Ordeals you will face, form defensive lines to discard Traitor tiles, and build bastions to prevent damage to your castle. Plan carefully and win the day. The fate of the Oniverse is in your hands!