Events and Organized Play

If you're looking for official Z-Man Games presence at a convention, demo event, or Organized Play competition, we've got you covered. Just click on the icons below to find out where we'll be. Hope to see you there!

Join us at our booth where we will be demoing our newest games!

Challengers! is an interactive Deck Management game with an original tournament gameplay style for 1-8 players. Play individually or with a group of friends! Each round, each player improves their deck with new characters and battle against new opponents, with up to 4 duels played simultaneously in a unique Tournament gameplay style! Face a new opponent each round in an intense duel!

 Star Wars™: The Clone Wars players must work together to confront the onslaught of droids by moving into their spaces and engaging them in combat, utilizing dice and Squad Cards to deal damage and push back the threat. In between battles, players move from planet to planet, battling more droids, crushing blockades, completing missions to turn the tide of war, and facing off against iconic villains.