Wholesale Information

Thank you for your interest in selling our games! Our games are distributed through various distributors
depending on where you are located. Please send your request to the corresponding distributor;
you can find their contact information via their website: 


Asmodee US https://www.asmodeena.com/

Asmodee Canada https://www.asmodee-canada.com/ 

Asmodee UK https://www.asmodee.co.uk/

Asmodee France https://fr.asmodee.com/ 

Asmodee Germany https://asmodee.de/ 

Asmodee Spain http://www.asmodee.es/ 

Asmodee Belgium https://be.asmodee.com/ 

Asmodee The Netherlands https://spellenspektakel.nl/deelnemers/asmodee-the-netherlands/ 

Asmodee China http://www.asmodee.com.cn/

Asmodee Nordics https://asmodeenordics.com/ 

Asmodee Italy http://www.asmodee.it/ 

Asmodee Chile https://www.asmodee.cl/ 


ADC Blackfire (Europe, general) https://www.blackfire.eu/ 

ADC Blackfire (Romania) http://www.blackfire.ro/ 

ADC Blackfire (Czech Republic) http://www.blackfire.cz/ 

Rebel (Poland) https://www.rebel.pl/ 

Galápago Jogos (Brazil) https://www.galapagosjogos.com.br/ 

You may find additional distribution partners listed here:
Although this link is hosted by Fantasy Flight Games, these partners carry our full range of products


If you are inquiring about a territory not in this list, please email [email protected]