21 November 2022 Carcassonne

Announcing Mists Over Carcassonne

Even the bravest knights tremble, their armor rattling, when they hear: “The mist is waking up the restive souls of the Cathars who were hunted during the Crusades. They are coming for justice!”


This is Mists Over Carcassonne, the world’s first cooperative version of Carcassonne. If you already know how to play Carcassonne, then these new rules will be even simpler for you. 6 exciting levels await, they will guide you step by step, through the individual elements and rules of Mists over Carcassonne and present you with ever greater challenges.

Players take turns, adding a new land tile to the board each time. This creates an ever-enlarging game board onto which you place your meeples to score points. During the game, ghosts will keep appearing – your job is to pacify them. Together, you must reach the goal tile by scoring a pre-determined number of points. But watch out: If there are too many ghosts on the board, or you can’t draw land tiles anymore, then you have lost. All players play together against the game. Show each other your tiles and decide as a team where to place them. In later levels especially, you will need to cooperate well!

Mists Over Carcassonne includes 45 meeples in two new types and 60 tiles that match the graphics of the 2021 edition of Carcassonne, and this game includes rules for how to incorporate material in a regular competitive game of Carcassonne. The base game is not required to play but can be used in conjunction to enhance the game.


Restless ghosts, ominous cemeteries, and castles that rise high above the mist await! Available January 6th, 2023. Be sure to pre-order!

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