31 May 2023 Challengers!

Announcing Challengers 2

Are you ready to capture the flag again, facing new opponents each round in an intense duel to become the one champion?

Challengers!, winner of the "Initiated" game category at the As d'Or 2023 and nominated for the 2023 Kennerspiel des Jahres, now has a sequel. Challengers! 2, by designers Johannes Krenner and Markus Slawitscheck, picks up the fun where the original left off.

Unique Gameplay!

The auto battler and deck management game is back for you to discover, or to extend the Challengers! universe for fans returning to the game. 

Challengers 2 is a standalone game fully mixable with the original that give a ton combinations and amazing synergies between cards! You can also combine both games for a GIGA TOURNAMENTS that involve up to sixteen people. Your game nights will never be the same!

Enhanced strategy!

Incredible elements have been added to the game, including sixteen Trainer cards with unique powers to enhance your strategy. Some improve your defense, some enhance your strength, and others can extend your bench or even let you rearrange your deck. The Trainers are compatible with both Challengers! games, and there are enough to use in the Giga Tournament.

New Characters!

You can now choose from over 70 new characters, each with an extraordinary power. You will encounter endless combinations of challengers arriving from the Fairytale Forest to the Mountain Top! What combination will lead you to victory?

As the tournament rounds continue, the strategy of which challengers you keep on your team and which ones you swap out becomes essential to your victory.

Plan your trip to the beach and win the world's greatest capture flag tournament!

Challengers 2 is Releasing at Essen 2023 -

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